Girls Rescue Center

Rescue. Restore. Release.


Saruni International is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to rescuing vulnerable young girls in Kenya from the tragic abuses of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced early marriages. These girls are restored through love and spiritual care in a safe environment. They are released back into their families and society as healthy, educated, productive and confident young women.

Located south of Nairobi, the Girls Rescue Center (GRC) is a home where vulnerable young girls of Kenya may find refuge from the traditional and cultural practices of FGM and forced early marriages. The GRC offers safety and a loving environment where they can receive hope and a future through the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. These young girls will have the opportunity to grow emotionally, spiritually, socially and educationally so they will experience hope, dignity and value.


To facilitate, support and fund the rescue of these young girls whose lives are threatened by their culture. To enlist faithful sponsors and donors for the continued support of these girls as they come to the Rescue Center for protection.

While Saruni International does not take part in the physical act of rescuing the girls, due to many issues of safety and cultural concerns, it does provide the funding and support for all of this work. In most cases, Saruni will have a sponsor ready to provide funding for each girl before she is rescued. Saruni has an “emergency fund” available for rescues where the sponsors are not yet in place.


To create an environment where these young girls can regain their identity, beauty, value and hope through education, counseling, health care, training and prayer. To enlist Life Skills Teams and spiritual mentors who provide training and examples to the girls.

Saruni International has purchased land, constructed buildings and infrastructure, and funds all staff and provisions for the Olooloitikoshi Girls Rescue Center. This facility is the home for all activities related to the care of the girls after they are rescued. Since 2008, over 400 mission team members have been involved in ministry at the GRC. Saruni International developed and manages the sponsorship program for the care of the girls. The Transition Program was created for college and vocational education.


To provide an atmosphere where these young women can be set free from the painful experiences of their youth because of God’s love, power and grace. To create confidence and opportunities for these women to go back into their cultures to become the rescuers of their sisters, cousins and neighbors.

It is the goal of Saruni International to equip each girl with spiritual training to experience the freedom to achieve their potential. Through the Transition Program these girls are given higher education and career opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. They are the future of the nation. As part of the Transition Program, these young women mentor the younger girls at the center through several different programs.